FOS Energy LLC began as “Fahud Oilfield Services” in 1999 when an initiative of His Majesty’s Government encouraged the development of Omani owned companies in the well services sector. The shareholders of FOS chose Halliburton Worldwide Ltd. as its alliance partner. The Technical Services Agreement was signed in early 2000.

The commencement of a major PDO Pumping Services contract in 2000 by Halliburton and its partner FOS was cited as an 'innovative solution to meet the needs of the Oman Government' and a landmark in the development of independent, wholly Omani-owned well service In the years of incubation from 2000 to 2003, FOS worked in a unique relationship with Halliburton, by providing (learning) well site services at the highest international standards while developing its own strengths as a local company. During this period, FOS decided to diversify into other areas of oilfield service activity. Success swiftly followed when FOS was awarded the PDO Drill Stem Testing contract in 2001 and a PDO Exploration Well Testing contract in early 2002.



GM Commitment to Quality, Health Safety and the Environment
I trust you can imagine my feelings of pride as we celebrate another year without any Lost Time Incident.. I do not take the credit for this achievement; it comes down to the strong leadership in the field and the commitment from the crews themselves to work and act sensibly and practice good Safety Behaviors. I have made the following executive commitment for 2016