Multi Phase flow metering

Multi Phase flow metering

The MPM meter is a combined multiphase and wet-gas flow meter developed and qualified by major international E&P companies such as; Shell, Conoco Phillips, ENI, Statoil , Total and PDO.

The patented technology is based on 3D tomography (electromagnetic measurements) along with venturi dP, gamma density, salinity, pressure and temperature measurements, which in combination is used to calculate accurate three phase flow rates over the entire GVF and WLR range.

The patented inline salinity probe provides real time measurement of water salinity. The integrated auto-configuration and in-situ verification features, eliminates the need for costly fluid sampling services and manual configuration, which has been a traditional requirement along with conventional multiphase meter technologies.

Features :

  • Ultrafast 3D Broadband technology
  • Dual Mode – Multiphase or Wetgas; automatically switch measurement mode between multiphase and wet-gas conditions depending on the instantaneous gas fractions.
  • Automatic mode switching
  • Droplet Count; provides enhanced performance / accuracy in ultra-high GVF (> 98.5%) applications, where the uncertainty from conventional multiphase is unacceptable.
  • Real-time salinity measurement
  • 0 – 100% GVF
  • 0 – 100% WLR
  • Suits all flowing regimes
  • HPHT / Sour Services
  • Remote access and operation
  • Data playback capability”
  • Please see or contact FOS Energy, Muscat.