Reservoir Information

Reservoir Information

FOS provides solutions for reservoir data gathering using slickline deployed MPLT Tools and Memory Gauges for downhole applications.

High accuracy EMR Gauges, downhole shut in tools and gauge hangers for all applications are supplied for long term surveys in hostile conditions.




  • Well Testing
  • Drill Stem Testing (DST)
  • Completion Diagnostics
  • Well Stimulation
  • Reservoir Characterisation
  • Gradient Surveys
  • High Pressure and High Temperature Monitoring
  • Permanent Downhole Monitoring
  • Production Logging

Products Available

  • Surface and Sub-surface Pressure/Temperature
  • Surface Data Loggers
  • Side Pocket Mandrel Gauge
  • Downhole Shut In Tool, large bore Gauge Hangers
  • Permanent Completion Technology
  • MPLT - Production Logging – normal temp tools to measure flow, temperature, pressure, fluid density, and capacitance. High temperature tools to measure flow, temperature & pressure.