The shareholders, management and staff are mainly drawn from the local communities of Oman. Therefore, it makes good sense to have business practices which ensure sustainable development of both individuals and enterprises alike.





Some recent initiatives include:

Sub contract local service providers so they too can participate in the well services market.

- Vehicle supply.
- Transportation services.
- Pipe handling crews.
- Make/break crews.
- Scaffolding services.
- Diesel and water supply.
- Well site equipment rentals.
- Pumping and stimulation services.

Actively participate in training and education systems within local communities.

- Exhibitions and fairs.
- Summer students.
- College presentations.
- Part time student workers.

Give preference to local products.

- Camps and portable building manufacturers.
- Piping and spools.
- Tanks, skids, and low pressure vessels.
- Computer software.
- Civil works.
- Training facilities.
- Air travel.

Hire Omanis first.

- 80% Omanisation is the goal.
- Provide Graduate Engineer Training program.
- Provide Competency Assessment Program.