At FOS we understand the importance and impact of service quality on our business and how it defines who we are and who we will be.

Our product is data, and our product delivery has to be clean, precise and flawless.

Quality is defined as our customer’s perception of us as a company and our services. However, we deliver quality with an aim to exceed the customer’s perception.

We endeavor to transcend customer expectations by monitoring and measuring every aspect of our service to provide the highest possible level of operational excellence in the key areas of Reliability, Responsiveness to Change and Quality Assurance.

At FOS we perform our services within the framework of an ISO 9001 compliant management system. This management system ensures:

  • That we manage and operate in a consistent manner that meets or exceeds our customers requirements
  • That we focus on improvement of processes to achieve performance goals, not just compliance to published standards
  • That all processes are described and performed in a consistent manner and that responsibilities for these processes are clearly defined
  • That we have a single focused system to deliver and implement a policy for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment
  • That we have a framework for compliance to recognized codes and standard