Chairman Message

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance for FOS Energy. We constantly explore creative solutions that would further help in the economic recovery of the oil and gas reservoir.

We endeavor to assist our customers to achieve reduction in the cost of oil and gas by providing reliable, cost effective solutions, delivered by expert personnel with the following values and principles:




  • Perform at the highest levels of service quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations
  • Believe that all accidents are preventable
  • Recognise that we are responsible for protecting the environment
  • Continually apply new technology that benefits our customers
  • Support a culture of real-time decision making to ensure responsiveness to our customers’ needs
  • Maintain integrity in all of our actions, and honour our commitments

By virtue of our mission and values, FOS Energy expects to be the most valued Omani-owned provider of solutions to customers. Therefore, we expect to deliver superior financial performance to our stakeholders.

We can only accomplish this with the efforts and participation of our employees. We must commit to invest in our people to promote enthusiasm, teamwork and challenge that attracts, motivates and retains superior personnel and rewards performance.

Saad Al Jenaibi 
July 2010