It is a remarkable success for FOS Energy Well Test Unit 3 as on 30 July 2017, Petroleum Development Oman Well Engineering Team, once again, recognized WTU-3 for its outstanding 15 years of operation without a Lost Time Incident.
This exceptional achievement would not be possible if it were not for a highly qualified dedicated and hardworking crews and the most specialised equipment which enabled Well Test Unit 3 to manage the hazards of H2S gas and operate at 24 hours a day in a challenging harsh desert environment of the Oman oilfields.

It is worthy to note that a number of initiatives have also contributed to this excellent recognition. FOS Energy has been certified to ISO 9001 quality standard and OHSAS 18001 international safety standard. This certification clearly demonstrates that with its objective of ensuring safety and quality services. FOS Energy continue to endeavours to implement a wide range of HSE programs including but not limited to advanced safety training programs, Onsite HSE controls, HSE frequent audits and continual staff development programs.

With everything mentioned above, FOS Well Test units maintains its reputation of being the longest serving division of FOS since it started in 2002 and continued to work for PDO in the highly sour fields such as Alnoor, Birba and Harweel in north Oman. A part from WT3, FOS Energy is proud of other 9 units with a unique Safety records in well testing services operating for PDO and other clients.